Thursday, 7 March 2013

Red Letter Day

It is exam results day today.
The AS results are out and today many dreams will be made or broken.
With over 100 of my students finding out how they performed in the January exams I have my
tissues at the ready.
It is such a stressful time for them.
I am so glad my exams are out of the way.
But I still  get that dream, the one where I have to sit an exam and I have done no revision at all.
I wore:
Boots and Dress - Boden


  1. You look both positive and cheerful in this dress. Maybe that will help with the student's stress levels.


  2. Hi Nice to see you back. Hope you enjoyed your break. What has happened to your other blog re the 5:2 diet - it seems to have disappeared?

  3. Your dress will be certain to cheer up those who may not the result they had hoped x

  4. I get that dream too! It's always a relief to wake up.
    That dress is gorgeous, red's your colour! xxx

  5. This dress is so pretty...and so...scholarly :)

  6. Having had to deal with just one tearful 17 year old this morning, I don't know how you manage with 100!

    Let's just say I'll be curbing the clothing budget to pay for the resits, and I'm glad there was only 2 subjects this time! Important lesson learnt I think about the difference between GCSE and AS level - but a very hard lesson! Exams after just 1 term learning at that higher level are tough, but I'll actually be sorry to see them go, because at least at the moment you get some kind of heads-up as to how you're doing!

  7. Cute dress! Congrats to having finished reading the exams! I know what you are talking about!

  8. Gorgeous colour on you. Yes I hate dreams like that !

  9. Cute dress! Hope your students do well with their results!
    Chic on the Cheap

  10. I do hope they all did well. Love this dress, the red really suits you

    X x