Saturday, 30 March 2013

Baby Ben Becomes A Teenager

My baby, Ben is 13 today.

Here he is at a day old.
He was supposed to be a home birth like his sister but I got flu just days before he was born and had to go into hospital.

Here he is in his lovely Boden pants celebrating his first birthday.

He loved to dress up and I still have a collection of costumes under his bed.

He loved this swimsuit and wore it every day for 14 days when we went to La Manga in 2003.

With grandma and grandad at his first Holy Communion.

And here we are in 2013.

Happy Birthday Ben.


  1. Happy Birthday to Ben! Congratulations to you!
    Where is time gone? It's wonderful to see how our babies grow up.

  2. Happy Birthday to your baby boy! Oh times flies......

  3. Happy Birthday Ben! Lovely pictures of him growing up. Love how we have kids of a similar age, I remember when one of my girls had a 21st you also had one and my boy will be 13 in October too!

  4. Happy Birthday Ben! It's amazing how they suddenly grow into their grown up selves at around this age!

    Is he your youngest?

    1. Yes, Ben is my youngest. The other are 15, 18 and 21.

  5. Hope Ben had a great birthday. You must be well trained for the teen years.