Friday, 22 March 2013

Pencil It In

Apparently it is a total myth that the Inuit people have 50 words for snow.
It is not a myth that I have 500 words for snow at present and none of them are particularly pleasant.
Don't get me wrong - I love snow in December, January and even February but come on - the end of March?
Nevertheless, I won't let the snow put me off my planned outfit today, another go with a pencil skirt.
I struggle to find a pencil skirt to fit me as I have big hips and a smallish waist.
This Next skirt is the closest I have come to finding one that fits me.
I am not sure what it will look like with my wellies as I trudge to work but this is what it should look like.
Shoes - Clarks
Skirt - Next
Top - Dorothy Perkins


  1. I'm with you on the weather, its taking the pee now!

    I had to abandon my drive to work this morning due to bad weather and a flat tyre. Roll on the weekend.

    Loving the skirt with the pop of blue.

    X x

  2. It's unbelievable isn't it? Snow in March!
    Hope you managed to trudge to work safely! x

  3. With a figure of that shape, I bet the right skirt looks stunning on you. No snow here as yet, bloody weather, it is freezing though xx

  4. The pencil skirt is perfect for you. It seems you look a bit taler in it, anyway you look beautiful!
    When I looked out this morning I could not believe it, we got new snow. Now it is melted and hopefully it will stay away.

  5. Haha! I could add a few words to your 500 - hate this weather. Hopefully it's a sign of a wonderful summer to come. Loving the outfit, hope you got to work ok. Ax

  6. Very chic ! I love this style. I discoved D Perkins this winter in Porthmouth : this brand has so amazing items. Snow was here, in Normandy last week: very odd weather !

  7. You look quite slender in this outfit. I have the same problem of hip/waist ratio.


  8. You look great in this blue color and the pencil skirt is lovely, as I am currently in GB, maybe I need to drop by at Next and see if they have a pencil skirt that fits me too! I doubt it, but it could be worth a try! By the way, you are doing a good job hiding those big hips, they don't look big to me!