Saturday, 2 March 2013

Bumper Birthday Month Starts Here

March is a bumper birthday month for me.
Today one of my best friends, Denise, will be 50.
She is one of the most fabulous fiftysomethings I have ever met and such a kind and caring friend too.
Coincidentally, another good friend, Joy, who celebrated her 50th a few years ago also has a birthday today.
Tonight we will be off to celebrate but today will be spent running round.
After a 10 mile run I have a zillion things to do before tonight.
Next Friday my son Joe turns 18 and at the end of the month my youngest, Ben will become a teenager.
Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope you have fun.
I wore:
Boots - Boden
Jeggings - Marks and Spencer
Top - Warehouse


  1. wow...happy birthdays all discovering that turning 50 is not as bad as I'd thought once you get used to the f-word it's quite the boots!!

  2. Like the red stripes. Have a fun time this evening. My Mom and my oldest daughter will be celebrating birthdays this month as well.


  3. Great classic look, you know how I love a Breton! Have a fab weekend and a great time at the Birthday celebrations x

  4. are back from your break!
    I love your outfit; the striped top.

  5. We have a bumper birthday week coming up - my youngest on 6th, my sister on 7th, me on 9th, Mum on 10th, and one of only 2 cousins on 11th! There used to be my Mum's Mum's sister in the 8th as well - but she's no longer with us. We always party asa family this week lol :-). (And again in December, when we have my Gran on 4th, my eldest on 11th and my Aunt on 18th!). I also had a brother who was also 4th Defember!

    Have a great month partying :-)

  6. Lots going on, but all good things! I have lots of birthdays in March too!
    Love the stripes and boots. xx

  7. Lots of my pals are hitting 50 this year, too! It's the new 30, it's not even middle aged these days! Love the boots! x

  8. That's a lot of birthdays!