Wednesday, 27 March 2013


We took 11 students to the Oxbridge Roadshow at Haydock Racecourse today.
It was, shall we say, an enlightening experience.
I had plenty of time to daydream during the lectures and I remembered the days when I was the same age as these students and the only roadshows I was aware of were the Radio 1 Roadshows.
Southport was the nearest location for the annual seaside frolics where a motley crew of Radio I DJs would strut their stuff and address the crowds in their faux mid-Atlantic accents.
A smattering of celebrities would be plugging their latest singles - yes it was the pre-CD days.
Years later as a reporter at The Liverpool Echo, Southport became my patch and I would be invited to meet the Radio 1 team the night before the show and get a backstage pass to interview the "stars."
I remember sharing a drink with Gary Davies and interviewing Lloyd Cole, Lisa B and Kim Wilde.
I recall Lloyd telling me about his experiences as a new dad.
Do you remember the days of the Radio 1 roadshows?
Today I wore:
Boots - Clarks
Trousers - Marks and Spencer
Top - Charity Shop (Vero Moda)
Cardigan - Boden


  1. I never went to one but used to listen to them on the radio xx

  2. That must have been amazing job!
    You look beautiful! Kisses x x x

  3. Oh my goodness I have a pic of my rather younger self working in association with a Radio One Roadshow with my team of Wispa 'promo' ladies. Gary Davies and Steve Wright were the hosts ( no pics of me with them). I had been up until the small hours dining and drinking with the controller of Radio One along with the Cadbury managers. We could hardly keep our eyes open in the morning. Thankfully the black coffee was brewing in the Radio One van as soon as we got to the venue. I was doing PR for Cadbury's and we were promoting the newly launched 'Wispa' bar in association with a showbiz charity. Those were the days...

  4. I never went to one but loved listening to them on the Radio. I met Steve Wright (he told me I had great hair) and Gary Davis in clubs as a naughty underage drinker! x