Saturday, 19 June 2010

When The North Wind Doth Blow

Sunny but cold thanks to a biting North wind.
I spent the day in Liverpool with my daughter and knew I would be on my feet for a long time.
This outfit was built for style and not comfort.
However, I knew I was going out in the evening and could play dress up with my new maxi.
I had put off buying a maxi thinking it would drown me but I saw Kimberley's reply to a Reader's Query about how petite girls can wear a maxi and I am so grateful for her advice.

I wore:
Dress- Joe Brown
Cardigan - Asda

Dress - Next
Shows River Island


  1. It was freezing down South aswell, but OH wouldn't let me put the heating on!

  2. It's still cold down 'souff'
    YAH you are embracing the maxi dress love too xx

  3. Great dresses! Can you send some of your cold to Texas? :)

  4. I love your day dress! I need more day summer dresses... no really.. I do! x

  5. How pretty.
    That long dress makes you shine !
    By the way, I sent my address last week, just resent...

  6. It's beautiful weather here today. Got to get the dresses out too asap! I'm not a fan of maxi dresses but that one looks good on you. Ciao. A.