Thursday, 10 June 2010

My Summer Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

And here it is.
My Summer Capsule Challenge.
I have been overwhelmed by the creativity of fellow bloggers and will file a full round-up next week.
However, I am off on my travels later today.
It is my daughter's birthday on Saturday - a birthday she shares with my brother which means both me and my mum gave birth on the same date!
We will be spending the joint birthdays at my brother's house on the day that England play their first World Cup match against USA.
Have a wonderful weekend.
My capsule:
Dress - Ciel
Jeans - Top Shop
Skirt/Top - H & M
Vest - H & M
Cardigan - not shown but worn every day with every outfit - Tesco.


  1. How very clever, your skirt/top item! Must try it myself!

  2. lovely! Have fun on your trip!

  3. Wow! I love all of these looks!

    Have fun on your trip!

  4. Love your interpretation of the challenge! It's awesome how rolling the hem on your jeans make them look like a different pair, and I love the idea of using the skirt as a top! :) Can't wait for the roundup! :)

  5. Fabulous remixing! Since your cardi wasn't pictured, you really only used 4 items...I am super impressed! This was even more fun than I imagined it would be...can't wait for the next time!

  6. Very relieved to hear you wore a cardi, I was going to be insanely jealous at how warm the weather must be there! I might have to retry this challenge in a month when it should be warm and sunny to see if it is any easier!

  7. You really lead the field with your choices - very clever and very stylish! It must be warm were you are though - we had some chilly moments here which meant I had to wear one choice twice! But I still managed without adding a cardi or coat by using a pashmina - and that's an accessory isn't it!I've loved doing this challenge - thank you. Now enjoy your family birthday and football weekend!

  8. Jane, you have such a gift with clothes and accessories! It is absolutely amazing how different you look, given the restrictions of your challenge - well done indeed.

    Yes, I have enjoyed taking part and it has inspired me to plan holiday cases more carefully, rather than just throwing things in, taking far too much.

    Have a lovely break and celebrations! x

  9. I love your first outfit - the polka dot top is adorable as a skirt! Great capsule, as always, a fun challenge -- I even did mine for seven days!

    Chic on the Cheap

  10. Great outfits so far - loving the top as a skirt - fab :D

    Sal xXx

  11. Jsne I adored your capsule !
    SOOOO clever and its amazing what you did with 5 pieces. That skirt-top trick is clever and I would have never know. Played out very well.
    I will be cheering for the UK on that game !

  12. Great thinking on rolling up the jeans - they look like a different pair!

    I just wanted to let you know, if you're interested, that several of us participated by posting our photos on this flickr group, because we don't blog:

    My week looked like this:

  13. great work on challenge, i specially looooved the rolled up pants with the cute top!

    and here is my week of challenge

    have a great weekend!

  14. Thank you for setting up the challenge - I've been playing along over in rainy west coast BC where the weather has not cooperated at all (
    I think you managed the challenge a lot more stylishly than I did .... but I did have fun.

  15. Great items and photos - I only manage to capture 3 of my looks but it was such good fun having five items and unlimited accessories to play with.

  16. I wish it was me in Liverpool this week, then I could meet you...tell Fleur the girl on reception that I said for you to have an extra special wine token and a nice goody bag x

  17. Great items and photos - I only manage to capture 3 of my looks but it was such good fun having five items and unlimited accessories to play with.