Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Kiki's Bag

I couldn't wait to share this with you.
Here is the bag Kiki made out of an old pair of jeans and my favourite (no longer wearable) skirt (created from a no longer wearable dress).
Kiki added a few of her own odds and ends into the bag and even created a corsage out of the skirt waistband and zip.
It came all gift-wrapped too.
I took this bag on its first trip to Bristol this week and I hope to take it on many more journeys.
Thank You Kiki!


  1. cute dress!


  2. This is what I have been waiting to see and isnt it wonderful ? I bet you are really pleased with it ,lots of things will go with that ,including jeans Clever Kiki Jan xx

  3. WOW Jane !
    This WAS worth the wait :)

  4. What a fabulous bag, and what a great way to use well-loved and no longer worn pieces from your wardrobe!

  5. How cute! What a wonderful way to let you old, but beloved clothes live on!

  6. You look 20, glamour student!

    After finishing your bag, it was so much fun to let the idea grow in my mind and then finishing it, I now have to change all the doors in my little house to allow my big head through them!

    Thank you very much for your and everybody else's compliments; very inspiring!

  7. Wow! Terrific bag - how clever. Am really impressed. Now looking at my old stuff to see if I have anything worthy of remaking into a bag. Though I do already have a LOT of bags!

  8. gorgeous, love the flower!

  9. Fantastic, what a great and creative idea...You look fab, too, Jane. Ciao. A.