Wednesday, 23 June 2010

59 all - You Cannot Be Serious!

A mad day today.
I left the house at 7am and didn't get home until 10pm.
During the day I was working at the prison and in the evening I was presenting a PR Workshop for the women's enterprise agency, Train 2000 in Liverpool.
It was a long and tortuous drive from one place to the other.
This was made worse by the soaring temperatures and listening to England play in the World Cup on the radio.
At least the roads were pretty clear.
I thought my day was long until I turned on the radio for the drive home and heard about the marathon match at Wimbledon between Mahut and Isner which was stopped at 59all.
Can you believe these men had been playing tennis for ten hours?
Maybe my day wasn't so mad after all.

Today I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Skirt - Principles
Vest - H & M


  1. Doctor Hilary said on GMTV this morning that the guys playing that match had done the equivalent of 2-3 marathons! Amazing isn't it! Sorry you missed everything in the car!

  2. I like how the shoes pull in the colors from the outfit. Hope today is easier for you.


  3. You look wonderful.
    That is such a beautiful skirt.
    Just when we thought we had a long day we come across things like this long tennis match to show us how much more we can achieve!

  4. That match was insane - and they're not done!

    I love that skirt!

  5. That tennis match was crazy long!!

    Sounds like a busy but interesting day. And I love the skirt!

  6. I wish I'd played tennis for that long I might have lost my hips and tummy xx

  7. Damn, that match was crazy. Glad (for them!) that they finally finished today!

    LOVE this outfit!

  8. Watched the end of that amazing match with my mother (she is recovering very well at home BTW). I loved the charming, hurriedly put together and so English presentation at the end. Thank you for my amazing and unexpected prize for the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge - I love the necklace and hair ornament. Very generous of you. I will show them on my blog. And probably wear both at my antique fair this weekend.Cx