Wednesday, 16 June 2010

It's All Gone Pear Shaped

Had a very busy day today so it was just as well that the evening was dedicated to Me.
Well me and a friend actually.
I invited Denise to attentd the Me Spot event at the Hard Day's Night Hotel in Liverpool after reading about it all on Kate's blog.
Sadly Kate wasn't at this event so I haven't yet had the chance to meet up - but it was a great evening nevertheless.
Denise and I hopped on the train to Liverpool and arrived at 7pm.
We had a lovely Tapas meal and then went to the hotel for the event which was such a good laugh - much needed in the middle of a busy week.
There was a masterclass on flirting with the Big Brother psychologist Jo Hemmings.
The event photographer was Rob who I have worked with for many years and I felt so sorry for him as his every move was analysed by Jo who is also a body language expert.
Next came a beauty session and Denise was chosen to be the makeover.
This was followed by a talk with a stylist who assessed all our body shapes.
I was always under the impression that I was an Hour Glass figure but no, I am apparently a pear shape.
As I have rather generous boobs I was surprised although I have to agree with the big hips part.
It also explained why I have trouble with the toursers.
The stylist pulled out a pair of silky Palazzo Pants and said these were the trousers which suited all body shapes.
Except mine.
"Stick to dresses and skirts. They work best for you," she advised!

Today I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Skirt - Marks and Spencer
Blouse - Sara Berman


  1. lately, I have been considering myself a pair shape and not the hourglass I always have THOUGHT I am. My top side fits into a size XS most of the time- despite the 34C 'girls' I have. In skirts I am a 4 (as small as a 2 sometimes), but in close fitting trousers I am a 4 all the way up to an 8 depending on cut. I have large hips too. I also have issues with pants- and fit. I have a larger tush as well, so if pants fit in the seat, they are almost ALWAYS too big in the waist...

    You always look lovely though Jane! I can only hope to be as stylish as you one day!

  2. What a lovely top!
    AT least now you know what your "shape" is - i am totally clueless.
    Even though skirts and dresses do look fab on you I think you also look great in pants. For example who can say you dont look amazing every time you wear those Top Shop jeans ? :)

  3. Hahah, No more pants for you!
    Love your pumps, so cute!

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. I asked a group once what my body shape was. Everyone assumed rectangle... though the measurements seem to suggest pear. I've ultimately decided I'm a baby pear... but I find it makes dressing easier thinking of myself as a pear, since then I only need to create a top curve, instead of doing both top and bottom!

    And I love the post title. It always reminds me of the line in Sweet Home Alabama... but it wasn't until today that I discovered I had misinterpreted it: I always assumed it meant pregnant! Good thing I was wrong!

  5. I'm glad you had a nice Me night. Those are so important. And I love this outfit. You look great in reds and chambray/denim!

  6. I'm joining your "pear" club too! But I think you look fine in trousers! I think that that woman (Jo whatever) doesn't really know what she's talking about...Ciao. A.

  7. I am an apple, its awful! when I was young and thin, I never knew what shape I was, but as I have put on weight it is obvious, I am a space hopper with legs!

  8. Oh my that shirt is so cute and perfect, I love it!!!!