Monday, 28 June 2010

Here Comes The Rain

I love the simplicity of this dress.
It is super cool and loose yet there is still a shape to it.
It rained today and for the first time for a long, long time I welcomed the rain as my plum trees were looking a bit parched.

Today I wore:

Shoes - Clarks
Dress- Gap


  1. I love this dress - nice shape, nice deep blue, and with pockets!The silver necklace looks very similar to the one you sent me for the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge prize - I have just the dress for it and will wear it asap it turns cooler.

  2. Yes I have often noticed your siver heart necklace it is lovely Jan xx

  3. Where do you find those shoes? I go in Clarks and never see any as cute as that.

    The rain was good for the garden but I'm glad the sun is out again.