Saturday, 19 December 2009

Painting The Village Red

My days of painting the town red in party dresses are long gone.
I live in a small village close to the coast.
It is the kind of place where you can't just "nip to the shops" as you always meet at least three people you know.
And it would be so rude to rush off.
Last night I got together with a group of friends I met around 14/15 years ago.
Most of us have children aged between 18 and 14 and we met through local toddler groups and our children's school.
I have spoken about them before here and here.
Life has thrown us all a few low ballers.
None of us have escaped.
But we try and get together as a group as often as we can - sadly this is about three times a year now.
We met for our Christmas Dinner at a local restaurant and chatted the night away.
When I looked round the table I felt so proud to be part of this group.
These women have played a significant role over the most challenging years.
I feel blessed to have them in my life.

I wore:
Shoes - TK Maxx
Dress: H & M
Jacket - My daughter's (from New Look)
Scarf - East
Bag - Dorothy Perkins


  1. you look gorgeous, and I am glad you have some great people in your life! :)

  2. Gorgeous and sooooo sexy... you really look good in red. Have I told you that already?

  3. Beautiful and sexy!! How fresh & stunning you look! Red really is wonderful on you. Thanks for your thought-provoking comments re: Internet culture. I really appreciate your considered response!

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks, & you look great!

  4. How wonderful! It's so essential to have those groups of women in your life. And, my friend, you looked marvelous!

  5. You look positively stunning!

  6. yes, I definitely treasure my dear friends as well...that said, I'm sure you were the most gorgeous and fabulous one at your dinner!

  7. You look fantastic.
    It's so good when we have friends like that , that we have known for so long and treasure so much even if we don't see them that often.

  8. That is wonderful to have a close group of friends who are so supportive. I'm glad you enjoyed your night! (You are stunning.)

  9. Wow, hot mama!
    I am glad you got to get together with your circle of mom friends. I hope to have one of those myself some day.