Saturday, 5 December 2009

Charity Shop Karma

I have been looking for a new skirt.
Not just any skirt.
I wanted a winter white skirt.
It had to be knee-length.
And ideally made out of corduroy.
I scoured the shops and couldn't find one.
I searched online shops and still no trace.
And then I walked into one of my favourite charity shops - Scope in Liverpool.
The staff there are always so friendly and the quality of clothes on offer is the best around.
The shop is located close to the all singing all-dancing Liverpool One (which I hate but that's another story).
And there it was, hanging on the edge of the rail.
A winter white corduroy skirt in my size and length.
It was from H & M and cost me £3.95.
And what made the experience even better was I met Amanda, a poet, who recently visited the prison where I work.
I think Karma is paying me back for my year-long spending freeze.
What's your best charity shop find?


  1. Great find! I often go into charity shops but I can honestly say I've never found anything worth buying. My ex-mother-in-law, on the other hand, regularly buys lovely clothes from charity shops. Not sure where I'm going wrong!

  2. Hi there-super find my dear and I really do advocate that when you are looking for a particular item, you do have a very good chance of finding it in a charity shop! My best find-well, I'm blessed that I've picked up a lot of gorgeous pieces for bargain prices, I love my wardrobe!

  3. Would you believe yesterday was the first time I shopped at a thrift/charity store? It's all because of the world of fashion blogging. I'm hooked! Great skirt!

  4. The skirt is made for look gorgeous.

  5. My winter white skirt is made of jersey, which I love, but I'm simply gaga over that corduroy one! What a find!

  6. Such a great find! I love winter white, especially in a stiffer fabric! Wonderful find!


  7. So pretty! It is so fun when something like pops out at you while thrifting.

  8. Fab find! Winter white is the business.
    I'm intrigued by the Liverpool 1 dislike. I've only been to Liverpool a few times and on every occasion stayed at the Adelphi, firstly courtesy of mater and pater MDS and another time due to an old boyfriend, he was Jewish and never took me home! He died recently and I met one of his sisters for the first time at the funeral in Putney Vale - it is an all denominations cemetery and a Rabbi officiated. It was actually a nice story for her and I wore my most glamorous clothes and red lipstick as a mark of respect!

  9. I forgot to say my best charity shop find was a Jean Patou coat and also you are my first 'victim' for dress a blogger for Xmas. I do this every year!

  10. Don't you love it when that happens??? Fabulous skirt and well worth the wait! :)

  11. That's just lovely - I love a winter white skirt. best find in a thrift shop would have to be the gorgeous 50s dress I wore to my niece's baby shower this last summer.

  12. awesome find! love it- can't wait to see how you style it more!

  13. That was an excelent discovery, the skirt looks wonderful on you.

  14. skirt and rightfull owner found each other at last,good things come to those who wait!!you look amazing