Monday, 14 December 2009

Christmas Catch Up

Thanks to everyone who left comments on how to style the LBD.
I will be trying some of these ideas out over the coming weeks.
I apologise for the sporadic nature of my blogging due to the pressures of work/Christmas/family etc.
This weekend my daughter and I went Christmas Shopping and then toured the local garden centres for our real Christmas tree.
We put our artificial or "fake" tree (as the children call it) up the other week but we wait until the middle weekend of December to put up the real tree.
I was shocked at the prices of the trees in our local garden centre this year so we ended up at Homebase where this lovely tree cost under £20.
My daughter wanted to decorate it all by herself and I think she has done a great job.
This outfit was worn last Thursday when I worked at a local primary school in Liverpool helping them to compile a school magazine.
I love the way the stripes work with the plaid
I wore:
Cardigan - Tesco
Skirt - Matalan
Striped Top and Boots - Dorothy Perkins
Belt - Primark


  1. Why can't I pull off this belt over cardigan look like you do? You look fabulous in that style.

  2. Oh, I LOVE the mixing of patterns here. Great skirt!

  3. Great lights on that tree! All our town centre lights are that bluey colour, it looks so cool.

    Your outfit is great, I would never think of mixing those bits up! inspirational!! x

  4. My parents had a blue true last year! I loved it. Anyway, that splaid skirt is the tops, especially with the yellow tights. So pretty!


  5. This is a great outfit and I love how you matched the plaids with the stripes:)

  6. I love this outfit, especially that skirt-tights-boots combo!

  7. OMG! Now this is solely one of my FAVORITE outfits! I luv the way you have mixed the patterns!:))
    p.s. I LUV YOUR TREE too!

  8. I love that skirt - I would of never of thought to team it with stripes but it works so well :D

    A lot of my belts always slip when I wear them over cardies - I only have a couple that will stay - *Note to self buy cardie friendly belts* :P


  9. What a beautiful skirt - I love the shape, and the color looks lovely with your boots!

  10. I could never pull that off like you do! Sweet tree!