Saturday, 12 December 2009

Dress A Blogger - Part Two

I bought this dress from Gap in September.
At the time I had been reading about The Uniform Project and thought this dress was as close to the dress used as possible.
I thought I would be able to try different looks with the dress and had ideas for a similar LBD day as this blogger.
But for some reason whenever I try this dress on I feel totally uninspired.

Things I like abut the dress
1. The tiered skirt
2. The modest length
3. The zip
Things I struggle with about the dress
1. The short sleeves which means I have to have something under or over it.
2. The self-tie belt that wraps around the back.
3. The colour. Black is a great canvas but I always look ill when I wear a lot of it.

Can you help me?


  1. The dress looks good. You can wear it without an under top or something over it. Maybe you can add a colorful belt and a colorful tights.

  2. Hi there-this will be a perfect summer dress too, then you won't have to worry about wearing anything else with it. I also think it would work well with a polo neck long sleeve tee and coloured tights!!

  3. Supercute dress! I think it would look good with a jacket over it or paired with a brightly colored or patterned scarf. That would make it less black around your face :)
    Different colored tights would be cute too!

  4. Angie of YouLookFab had a post a few months ago on how to wear black if it drains you:

    What I do with the ties if I'm wearing a cardigan is wrap them around my cardigan as a belt like this:

    The other thing I do if I'm wearing a layer over my dresses with self-ties is put a simple flat knot which shouldn't show up as a lump under the layer.

  5. Urgh, why do they always place those dumb belt thingy's on the back of dresses? I remember it making a big hit in the 90's and it's like designers haven't let go of it since!

    Anyhoo, I really do like how you added the belt in the second pic. Perhaps adding the qualities you tend to will liven the dress up a bit - like a: colorful scarf, a thin blouse on the inside, funky jewelery,etc.

  6. You look great in this! I think maybe a colorful belt is the key, like others have said. Show it to us again with the colorful belt and a scarf!


  7. I really like this dress, and like everyone says ! would try adding some colour - tights, thin rollneck top underneath, a small skil scrarf, belt etc. Looking forward to what you come up with!

  8. Colorful belt and necklace perhaps? Sweater belted as well?

  9. I've checked your previous entries to see what's in your closet and I've come up with three possible outfits. You could pair this lovely dress with:

    1. grey rollneck
    grey tights
    tan belt
    tan boots

    2. bright blue wrap cardigan
    pink scarf (the one in different shades of pink, it's absolutely gorgeous! Speaking of the scarf, you could add it to Outfit Nr. 1 as well.)
    black tights & black boots

    3. black & white striped rollneck
    red belt (I'm not sure I've seen that one in your wardrobe but, as Christmas is on our doorstep, this 'problem' could easily be solved...)
    red tights & red shoes

  10. Hmmm, a pretty silk scarf or an eye popping necklace!
    p.s. It's solely a FAB dress!:))

  11. I think the dress is great but with the front zipper I think the dress would look better with a more casual look on the feet--- so, try it with the black biker boots.. and.. the belt is cute (you look great in belts) but belt needs to to be matte finish and not shiny. A bulky cotton outer cardigan with taller collar could complete the look. If you want color, add a winter scarf.

  12. This is a fabulous black dress! Like everyone else, a colored belt, scarf and tights would look awesome. Also a jacket with, long sleeve tee or turtleneck would go great under or over!

  13. I have a dress with a back waist tie. It's my prof.pic. I wrapped the wrap around and tucked it so it wouldn't be bulky. Then I layered over it-a cardigan, and a belt right over the wrap belt to minimize bunching. You could also put a long-sleeve blouse under it...

  14. I think this is perfectly proportioned on you and its length is perfect on you. Wearing a necklace in a complimentary colour to another accessory (eg tights or bangle/bracelets) will also help detract the black.

    All the best with getting into your chosen uni course. I was seriously considering a major career ,but studying for five years fulltime is something I should have done a decade ago, not now. With your course however, it seems a natural progression from where you have been. All the very best of luck. And to be at the same uni as your son is a special bonus, I think.


  15. Thank You so much for all the tips and lovely comments. I will be trying these out over the next few weeks.