Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Review Of The Year: March 2009

I acquired my absolute favourite skirt this month.
The Marks and Spencer's denim one.
Although I was still on my spending ban I used birthday vouchers to buy the skirt.
It is the one item in my wardrobe that I have worn more than any other.
I wear it at least once a week.
Sometimes more!


  1. Hi there-its great to have such a versatile and stylish piece as this!!

  2. It always looks great on you too. My denim skirt died and I hadn't realised quite how much I wore it. So hard to find the perfect one and so missed now it's gone.

  3. I love the western vibe of the first outfit. This really is a versatile and beautiful skirt! Isn't it great when you get something you know works so well, you want to wear it almost every day? :) Loving your round up, by the way.


  4. The denim skirt is a winner for sure. Enjoying the fashion review.