Thursday, 17 December 2009

Jog On Jeggings

I think I will be letting the Jeggings trend jog on past me.
I tried these out and they make my short chunky legs look even shorter and chunkier.
Luckily my favourite red top made the best of a bad job.
I have passed the jeggings on to my daughter.
On to a cheerier note it is my day at work today.
I love my job but I am worn out.
Time to recharge the old batteries and catch up with some of my favourite blogs.

I wore:
Boots and jeggings - tesco
Under layer - primark
Red Top - Zara
Waistcoat - Dorothy Perkins


  1. Mmm well sort of - I would have worn a slightly longer top and a tunic style and it would be fine! You are being too harsh.

  2. Hi there-Thats a great red top, a splash of red is perfect in winter!!

  3. You look good... not that I'm trying to make you feel better but the red top was able to compensate the bad feelings you have with the jeggings. You looked confident and that's what matters.

  4. I'm with you on that one, I don't feel very comfortable in jeggings either - I own one pair (they're more like jodhpurs, actually, and I don't ride horses, I'm afraid) which I wear tucked into my boots but only with long tunics or coat-like cardigans. I guess that would work for you as well, even though I like the look you've posted. I bet your daughter is happy about getting a new pair of trousers just like that!

  5. I had to use Google to find out what were jeggings....and I have four daughters! I feel out of it.

    I like the look and think you look good.

    We are always our own worse critics.

  6. I'm not a legging fan to begin with, so I totally agree with you on this one ;)

  7. I can understand how you feel about your legs - I have very athletic thighs and calves and will never have giraffe legs like many girls I know - but what you have worn with the jeggings is actually quite flattering!

  8. While I think your legs are far from chunky, I would have to agree that the jeggings do not flatter them overly. As someone else has commented, how about wearing a longer top with them? or even a short dress over the top?

    If you don't feel good in them it isn't worth it - and I am sure your daughter doesn't mind at all :-)

    Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas break and you get to re-charge.