Monday, 7 December 2009

Peek A Boo

I haven't worn this top for a while.
The main reason is that it has lost its shape and droops at the neckline - which is quite low to start.
I decided to layer over a lacy camisole and have now remembered why I liked the top in the first place.
Here it is with my favourite skirt although I can't decide whether or not to wear it with a belt.

I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Skirt and Cami - Marks and Spencer
Top - Miss Selfridge
Belt - Primark


  1. I love this combo! That top is great- yay for layering! I think for casual reasons, leave the belt off. If it's for something more professional, leave it on. ;) either way you look FAB. I hope I will look that good at that point in my life- hell, I wish I looked that good NOW! you rock!

  2. I would definitely belt this outfit - because the brown belt is absolutely gorgeous. The above advice sounds reasonable, though.

  3. I cast my vote for the belt. The layering was a good solution for a pretty top.


  4. Hi there-I like it with the belt too, a lovely outfit choice!

  5. I like the belt, as well, it adds a nice detail. Great skirt!


  6. I love layering. I am the queen of layering. Layers rock! Belt looks good too! Hxxx

  7. Beautiful color combination! I think I like the belted version better, but only just. It's a little more casual the other way.

  8. OMG! I luv the colors and I luv the look with the BELT!
    p.s. YOU solely have FAB STYLE!:))

  9. With belt please... you have to highlight the waistline. You look so fab.

  10. Adding the cami was a great call. Plus I think it gives the outfit dimension. I also love it with the belt.