Saturday, 12 December 2009

Dress A Blogger - Part One

When I was a child my favourite Christmas Stocking filler was one of those books which contained a cardboard cut-out of a girl and different paper clothes with tabs that you could fold over around the model to create different looks.
This week I felt a bit like one of those cardboard models after Kate at Make Do Style designed this seasonal outfit for me.
Sadly I couldn't cu tout the outfit and attach it to myself but I wanted to do my best to recreate it.
I already had navy tights, a cream Monsoon shrug and a heart necklace so I thought I'd order the dress and shoes to see how they looked.
Unfortunately the only time I had spare this week to try this all on was at the end of a very busy day when the light was bad so I apologise for the quality of the picture.
I was presently surprised with the way the dress looked on me.
I would never have chosen it and I had fun trying different belts.
Sadly, (although I am a great fan of Clarks) the shoes didn't fit my feet well and felt strange when I walked.
I have taken the dress and shoes back but I did like the challenge of dressing up in clothes I would not have chosen.
Thanks Kate.


  1. You look great... why did you return them? I remember your skirt which I sooooo love and you returned it too.

  2. Very pretty and this is rather different than what you tend to wear. Too bad the shoes didn't fit:(

  3. Such an interesting experiment! The colors really pop, and you look fabulous in them. Too bad the shoes didn't work out, but hey, at least you got to have fun playing dress up!


  4. I too used to love those cut out dolls - I had a Princess Diana one ....

    Love those shoes shame they didn't feel right!

  5. I like that dress on you.Maybe you can find something similar that you feel good in.

  6. Ah well done - you looked fab! I like the length of the dress on you.

    The shoes are quite narrow, they are a D fitting when normally the standard Clarks width is E.

  7. This looks great on you :)
    I particularly love the dress...

  8. soooo cool!!! Kate did a great job :D!!! xx