Monday, 31 August 2009

You Tarzan. Me Jane

The jungle print of this dress always make me feel like Jane of the Jungle.
We had friends over for dinner and my husband cooked a lovely curry.
I am making the most of what remains of the summer to wear dresses and show off my tan!
I wore....
Dress: Primark
Shoes: River Island


  1. lovely print! I wish summer wasn't ending so soon : (

  2. Hi there-great dress, the colouring is perfect for you!!

  3. Gorgeous tan - you show it off missus :-) Hx

  4. OMG! YOU look sooo GORGEOUS and I'm sooo JEALOUS, of both the FABULOUS DRESS and TAN!
    Oooh I forgot to add the CURRY, I luv CURRY!!!!

  5. I think you should subtitle your "About Me" with "Jane of the Jungle." :-) This looks great on you.