Sunday, 23 August 2009

Accidental Holiday Heroes

You have checked the weather forecast.
You have read the resort literature.
You know you will probably be spending days by the pool or the beach with the odd sightseeing jaunt thrown in while the evenings will be spent dancing and dining.
You may have even been to the same place before and you pack accordingly.
But there are always a few surprises:
The one dress that makes you feel fabulous and washes so easily you wear it again and again.
And despite sticking to the three shoe rule you find that only one pair are so comfortable they carry you from day to night with consummate ease.
It always happens.
So which items of clothing were my holiday heroes this year?
1. My white Joe Browns dress. I wore it to watch the Flamenco show. I wore it to our beach picnic. I wore it during the day. I even wore it as a nightie a few nights when the air con got too cool for me. It may have been white but the light almost seersucker fabric meant I could wash and dry it in a few hours. Worth every penny of the £29.95 I spent on it.
2. The black and white Matalan dress. It was only ever meant to be a beach cover up but I wore it when we went sightseeing, during the day for lunch and over denim shorts on the way home. Worth every single tiny penny of the £6.00 I spent.
3. My red Madrid Birkenstocks. OK I may not have danced in them but I wore them almost every day and night for 14 days and I felt like I could have danced - on air.
4. My red and white polka dot costume by Jasmine Guinness. This was expensive for a swimsuit - £30.00 - but well worth the money. I wore it around half the time I spent at the pool and although it is a swimsuit it has a tankini effect and you can pull the top over a skirt so it looks like a top. The straps can be tied in a strapless or halter neck way and it is structured but comfortable.

More secrets from my holiday wardrobe tomorrow!


  1. pretty neat! thats how it works with me too... I bring a bunch of things, and end up using a few items the majority of the time. lol. love versatility in an item

  2. The white dress is fabulous! I can see why you love it.

  3. So good to see you around here again! I'm glad you had a great vacation.

  4. Oh dear you have just reminded me that I have a pair of Madrid Birkenstocks but have failed to wear them all summer!

  5. You look MARV in that white dress!

  6. Great white dress and skirt. Summer is rushing by I'd better see if I can't wear my long white skirt a time or two more.


  7. I solely agree the WHITE dress is FABULOUS! I luv it, it's solely SUMMER and very PRETTY on YOU!

  8. Love that red polka dot tankini!

  9. Hi there-wonderful wardrobe essentials that look gorgeous too!!

  10. THanks for all the great comments although Sher it isn't a Tankini - it is attached to a main body swimsuit! Clever eh?