Monday, 31 August 2009

Busy Bank Holiday Monday

Last year I posted about my dream collage one of the dreams I turned into reality was planting fruit trees in my garden.
I have waited patiently for the fruits of my labour to reward me.
And the plums are my favourite.
There were four pounds of plums growing in my garden - not bad for a first year.
Although they are delicious I wanted to make them last throughout the winter so I made some plum chutney from this recipe today and it tastes lovely.
I still feel relaxed even though I got up at 7am to do the washing up from last night, completed my tax return and spent half an hour being photographed for an article about my workthatwardrobe blog which is due to appear in The Liverpool Echo this week.
In fact I was so busy I didn't even notice the rain.
Or the fact that my whole washing line was filled with clothes.
Very wet clothes now!

I wore...
Shoes - Clarks
Shorts - tesco
Top - Principles


  1. Such a perfect casual outfit!!

  2. Wow you get a lot done in a day!

  3. Love the chutney recipe - I am going to give it a try! Would love to see the Echo article. I can feel a book coming on :-) Hx

  4. Ooh - I made tomato chutney in my microwave a couple of years ago (honestly - it was a good housekeeping recipe) and it was ace. I've never had plum chutney - what do you eat it with?


  5. congrads on making a dream come true- no matter how small, it's worth it! The great thing is you will have these for years to come ; ) Wish I could have a taste.... lol

  6. Thats fab about the plums, lucky you!!

  7. Clare - Thanks you.
    Imogen - I am trying to get organised after what seems like a month of lethargy.
    Heather - I hope you like it.
    Jenn - I'll bring you some next time I see you.
    Meli22 - I wish I could send you some! I am looking forward to lots of fruitful years to come.
    Sharon-Rose - Thanks - they are fab.

  8. We made plum jam and fresh apricot chutney from our crop. I'm going to try plum chutney next year.