Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Sun Has Set On On My Family Holiday

I think it is time to file away photographs of my summer holiday and come back down to earth.
This photograph was taken on our last day and seems so apt.
We had a wonderful time.
It may well be our last complete family holiday as my eldest son turns 18 next month and it will be up to him how he wants to spend his summer.
Then again, the temptation of two weeks in the sun may just get the better of him.
We will see.
I hope everyone enjoyed the summer and we can look forward to the autumn with warm memories as the cooler months approach.
What memories will keep you warm?


  1. What a gorgeous picture. Your post rings true for me too at the moment, a reminder that things are moving on. Zoe seems to have 'grown up' overnight since starting the big school only a couple of weeks ago. It also reminds me that I must cherish every moment - I know it's going to fly by in the blink of an eye and I don't want to miss anything. I'm developing an interest in scrapbooking, hoping it will be one way to cherish the memories that we are making.
    much love
    Heather x

  2. Gorgeous photo! As for warm memories, this whole summer has been pretty glorious. I can hardly believe it is almost over but am looking forward to seeing what adventures are around the corner.

  3. great photo! yeah good summer memories-lots of swimming and outside time :)

  4. Beautiful, serene and a bit sad. I was just thinking too, my son will be 18 next year. I told hubby I want a special family vacation; because who knows what his plans will be when he starts college.

    If I was standing next to you, I'd give you a hug...because I need one LOL!

  5. Heather - it flies by.
    STacy - I look forward to reading about your adventures.
    Christina - I wish we had lots more outdoor time.
    Sher - How did you guess I needed a hug? I hope you have a holiday of a lifetime with your son.

  6. All lovely photos, Jane. Glad you had a great time. Although I didn't have a proper summer holiday this year, I spent some nice days with my family any way and I'm looking forward to a week/10 days in Italy in October. All the best. Ciao. A.

  7. Antonella - nice to hear form you and I have enjoyed catching up with your summer. I hope you have a lovely time in October.

  8. Beautiful picture, I hope you can enjoy it for years to come.
    It may take a few years, but don't be surprised if your 20 or 30-something kids decide they'd like to holiday with Mum & Dad. It's not often my parents, brother and I are on the same continent these days, but when we are, family trips are more fun than ever. The zoo was a hit with all of us!

  9. Kids always seem to grow up too fast but sometimes they turn out to be great adult friends which is nice too.

  10. That is such a beautiful picture. Your son may surprise you and want to spend the holiday with the never know:)

  11. My son and I didnt go on a holiday/or camping this year...and this is his senior year.
    Although-I did have more time with him, just hanging out, watching movies, eating dinner outside..and that was nice this summer.
    I wonder about next summer also, as he will have graduated-and start work etc..himself. (its just the two of us, and I am working on being alone more)

    I am not ready to put the sunshine away, but hoping the wonderful sunsets and sunrises I have seen this last summer will be enough to carry me thru the rain when it comes. Sounds like you had some good memories made also this summer with your family!

  12. Wow! This photo should be submitted to a Gallery and Magazines, it's a BEAUTIFUL POSTCARD come True! Kids get older and leave the nest but in all reality they never leave home because it's in their HEART! Sooo, I'm sure there will be many FAMILY vacations to COME!!!

  13. Oh Jane, what can I tell you to make you feel better?
    Sending you a virtual hugg.