Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Dress Me For The Airport

I have a dilemma.
I have got my packing sorted out but have got no idea what to wear to the airport.
We will be leaving home to fly from Liverpool Airport at 4am.
It will be cool and, no doubt, raining.
By the time we arrive in Spain it will be around 10am and hot and sunny.
From the airport we have got to get two trains to our destination.
And I will have a husband and four children in tow.
You have seen most of my wardrobe.
Can you help?
The winning suggestion will receive a small souvenir from Spain as well as a full credit.
Today I am taking my daughter to the dentist before lots of shopping, errands and washing.
I wore:
Skirt - Principles
Shoes - New Look
Top - Isabella Oliver


  1. Flat shoes, jeans rolled up, nice vest/cami and long pendant with your circle scarf

  2. Forgot to add - just like you wore the other day.

  3. You have great style and always look so sharp! Thanks for visiting my blog AND for the tip off on the AWESOME dress giveaway. I'm sooo in! Have a fantastic holiday!

  4. Hi there-how about leggings and a tunic? Hope you have a fabulous time my dear!

  5. all i know is wear simple, comfy shoes to the airport: something easy to remove and put back on quickly. and something not binding on the stomach to avoid discomfort from sitting for long hours on a plane. and have a cardigan handy that you can take on and off depending on how warm or cool you get.

  6. I always were flat shoes that slip on and off. I don't wear a skirt or dress. I wear shorts or capris and I carry a light sweater cause it's cold on the plane.

  7. Shhh, I'm at work (don't tell) so I don't dare look at all your wardrobe pics. But rather than jeans (kind of heavy for the Spanish weather), if you could do lighter weight capris, a cami, little shirt/cardi plus a fleece for the 4AM Liverpool part, I think you'd be comfortable. The advice on flat slip-ons for those pesky security checks is very sound.
    Have a great time!

  8. Wrap sweater with tank, jeans and flats.

  9. Hi Jane,
    Went trough some of your wardrobe and I would say your dress from Matalan(if it doesn't wrinkle), leggings or your white capris , scarf/wrap from Joe Brown , flats and a denim jacket if it's not enough.
    This was fun :)

  10. My vote for leggings/comfy jeans, a tank with a tunic over the top and your circle scarf in case you need an extra layer.

    I love your black and white stripe skirt andam keen to recreate it myself - has it got an underskirt or is the black peeking out the bottom a trim stitched to the hem? I am also going to make myself a circle scarf, love them!

    Have a great time :-)

  11. Linen trousers that you can roll up when you're in Spain, cotton vest and linen shirt on top that you can stuck in your handbag later. Flat with "invisible" socks (the ones that just line your flats and can be rolled up in a ball and stuck everywhere). A silk scarf to cover your neck and can be used to pull up your hair in a pony tail later. Have a great time. I will be thinking of your in lovely sunny Spain here in cold and rainy England. Hasta la vista, bonita!

  12. I had a very long day of flying, from San Francisco, to Houston and then to Managua Nicaragua. I wore a simple sleeveless sheath dress, leggings underneath, and wore a cardigan until I got off the plane in Nicaragua. I was traveling for over 10+ hours!
    When I got to Nicaragua, I just slipped off the leggings and cardigan..whew :)
    I had to go from 50 degree weather to high 90's with lots of humitity! And of course, slip on shoes!

    You have several cute dresses,polka dot? maybe that would be fun to travel in...:) Enjoy!

  13. I luv this outfit you're wearing! I like to lightly layer my tops when going from cold to hot! I like Sharon Rose and i_b_erin's idea!
    PS: Have a Wonderful time !!!

  14. Wow thank you for such a great response and for sharing your own experiences. I have an idea what I will be wearing and I will declare the winner later with the DVF giveaway.

  15. This is all great advice for anyone travelling and I will come back before our next trip. Have a great time away. You really deserve it so enjoy it to the max!

    BTW I have had to halt my fashion blog for now due to security issues. I will send out an invite to you if I go back to fashion blogging but for now I think I will leave it. Thank you for all of your support. I still have The Writing Instinct up and running.

    Take care

  16. oh dear what a lovely skirt!

  17. I think this skirt was the one you just got? I think it's lovely!! : ) you are right- red/black/white are definetly good colors for you! I must say-- I don't see you in blue or turqouise very often... maybe you should give it a try!

  18. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.