Monday, 3 August 2009

Jeans And Vest

I got a very unwelcome alarm call at 4.30am this morning when a nagging pain in my hip woke me up.
I struggled to get back to sleep and decided to get cracking on the work I had planned today.
That is one of the advantages of being freelance - it doesn't matter when you get the work done as long as you do it.
By 7am I had typed up and re-worked a chapter from one of my writing students, uploaded some news on Train 2000's blogs, written several emails and planned out some ideas for a PR campaign.
During the school holidays I try and get the bulk of my work done before the children rise at about 10am.
This afternoon I took my youngest for a game of tennis and brought his friend home for a game of cricket.
Today's activity called for a laidback look and I opted for Gap Curvy Jeans, a Vest and my Clarks flats which were easily swapped for trainers when we played tennis.
It's almost 5pm now and I feel ready for bed.
Can't think why!


  1. cute and casual! love it :)

  2. Looks comfy... I love quiet productive time. I had that yesterday while working on a quilt.

  3. how lucky you are that they lie a-bed so late :D

  4. I hope one day I will be somewhat stylish- you always look great! ; )

  5. wow, what a day already. i am still trying to recover from the weekend. : )

  6. Oh gosh! You got more done before I even got out of bed, than I do all day!

    Love those rolled up jeans, I really need to try that look.

  7. OMG! I luv this look, solely chic and relaxed!!!
    p.s. Hope your hip is feeling better!

  8. Wow...great job! Wish I were as productive as you so early in the morn!

  9. Thanks for the positive comments.
    I have to admit I am a morning person anyway and was crashe dout by 9pm - my husband hates it.