Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Today's outfit (snapped in the changing rooms at work) is one of my hardy perennials.

per·en·ni·al  (pə-rĕn′ē-əl) adj.

1. Lasting or active through the year or through many years.
a. Lasting an indefinitely long time; enduring: perennial happiness.
b. Appearing again and again; recurrent. See Synonyms at continual.
3. Botany Living three or more years.

I bought it in July 2009 for £15 in the Principles closing down sale in Southport.
Here is the collage I took of my booty and I still have the pink dress.

Here it is in June 2013

And in August 2011

A midsummer bloom in June 2010

A spring appearance in April 2010.

Today (April 2014) I wore:
Boots - Clarks
Skirt - Principles
Vest  - Gap
Cardigan - New Look


  1. Its a fab skirt, it has served you well! Loving your hair in 2010! x

  2. Love the swishy style & print(looks lovely on you, Jane:)!


  3. Don't you just love getting your money's worth out of a purchase? It's a lovely skirt, keep wearing it! xxx

  4. This is a great post - and the benefit of having a blog is clear! You can really tell what items stand the test of time and which don't. That's a fab skirt - suits you and the monochrome is timeless. I can see it being worn for many a year to come. Ax

  5. How versatile the skirt and cute in every combination.
    Sabine xxx

  6. You have certainly gotten a lot of wear out of the skirt. Great purchase and fun to see the variety of ways you have styled it.


  7. Now that's what I call an investment !