Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Angelica Slice

I have been after a pair of tan flats for a while and when I saw these shoes on this blog  last week I had to have a pair.
They are called Angelica Slice.
They cost £39.99 but luckily for me I had saved enough £2 coins to cover the costs.

Of course, they are from my favourite shoe shop, Clarks, and true to form they felt so comfortable as soon as I put them on. 
I am a size 4.5 and Clarks is one of the few shops that still sell half sizes, but for me it makes all the difference.

I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Jeans - Marks and Spencer
Shirt - Boden


  1. Shoes for almost free - good score! you've reminded me that our change jar hasn't been emptied in a while - that's for joint treats! x

  2. I love Clarks! Very comfy!

  3. Great shoes. I'm a Clarks fan too. They are comfortable and long wearing.


  4. Its great that they do half sizes for us people who like to different :) xx

  5. I agree that half sizes are needed MORE! Great tan shoes

  6. Loved how you saved £2 coins to have a guilt-free spurge online!


  7. Love this look and your new shoes. You did well with saving your £2 coins.

    X x

  8. Funny thing, I saw a pair of Clark shoes yesterday and tried them on because you always say they are so comfy :)

  9. yehhh glad you like them. Such comfy shoes :)