Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Last Snows Of Spring


I took this photo last week and now there is hardly any blossom on the tree. 
Our garden looks like there has been a pink snowstorm. 

I wore:

Shoes - Clarks
Trousers - Gap
Top - Top Shop


  1. Hate it when the blossom goes but I guess it means we are closer to summer! xx

  2. Beau-tifuullll oh I love the tree in the back, I planted something similar a year ago and its already taller than me (not much effort to do ;)
    Looking radiant and put together as usual my dear Jane.

  3. I love seeing that pink blossom against a brilliant blue sky! Its so cold here today, feels more like Winter! x

  4. I really like this time of year with blossoming trees. I also like your white top. Is that a bit of ruffle at the bottom edge?


  5. Oh no, I hate it when all the blossoms fall - they are my favorite part of spring! I love this lace cammi of yours, it's so pretty and versatile.
    chic on the cheap