Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Birkenstock Chic

Birkenstock Chic.
Those are two words I never thought I would see in the same sentence.
But, I have just discovered that I am so out, I'm in.
Apparently, Birkenstocks were rockin' the Spring/Summer 2014 runways.
Who'd have thought a middle-aged mum of four would be on trend.
Don't believe me then take a look at this article in the Daily Telegraph.
Having said that, I am not the only 40-something mother of four to favour the 'ugly sandals'.

It's the first time I have ever seen myself wearing the same attire as Heidi Klum.

But I love my Birkenstocks because they are so comfortable.
I wear them mostly on holiday, straight out of the sea with my feet dripping wet, I throw them on for a whole day sightseeing and could still carry on walking and at home when the weather is warm enough or every time I get a manicure.
I have never paid more than £24.95 for a pair and they have been worth every penny.
I bought my first pair on 2003 for my holiday to La Manga.

My next pair for our trip to Italy in 2006.

Below are my red ones, worn in Spain in 2009.

And today I am wearing my coral pair which I first bought in 2008.

No doubt when they come back into fashion in 10 years time I will still be wearing these.

I wore:
Jeans - Gap
Top - River Island
Sandals - Birkenstock


  1. I have some shoes that I have had so long they are back in fashion!! I agree; Birkenstocks are really comfy and versatile. :-)

  2. So glad I kept hold of mine! Love the coral with the blue nail colour xx

  3. They are more stylish now. I wore Birkenstocks when my children were very small. I found it easier to carry them in my arms when I wore comfy shoes and not heels. But up to now I never wore them again, although I know my feet would be happy. Maybe I will look for some for this summer. Yours are cute, the nails as well.
    Sabine xxx

  4. Got a pr years ago(20 Century),gave me blisters on soles of feet!


  5. Birks are cute! They never went OUT of fashion in in Berkeley, CA

  6. they are very comfy shoes and last forever. Loving that colour.

    X x

  7. I'm with you on comfy shoes! Nothing worse than having sore, achey feet - as bad as toothache! I've just discovered your Blog and am looking forward to reading more. I love your style!

  8. So you've been ahead of the trend - or rather creating it ;)
    I've seen people wear them, but they do not look well on me. It's a trend I cannot pull.