Saturday, 5 April 2014

Lighting It Blue

Posting a little late but this is what I wore on Wednesday.
I was showing my support for World Autism Day and the Light It Blue campaign.
Iconic buildings such as The Empire State Building took part by shining a blue light to raise awareness of the condition.

Autism is a condition close to my heart.
My four-year-old  nephew, Seth, has been diagnosed with autism.
Here he is on holiday with my son, Joe.
Seth currently attends a mainstream school but my brother and his wife are uncertain about his future.

Anything that can raise awareness of the condition will always get my full support.
I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Jeans and Jacket - Gap
Top - Top Shop


  1. Lovely pic of the beautiful boy!


  2. Gorgeous outfit and nicely done as a nod towards autism awareness

  3. Looking lovely, great jacket and a fab way to support the cause x

  4. Love the polka dots and lace, and yes, raising awareness and understanding about autism is a great cause. xxx

  5. Fab blazer and a great cause! x

  6. This Outfit is completely marvellous. I love the dots and the lace.
    I don't know anybody suffering Form Autismus, but some people having it in a lichter Form, that allows them to fulfil their job and to manage their life. I hope Seth parents find appropriate help and support to find the best way for Seth.

  7. he scalloped hem of your blouse from Topshop adds a beautiful touch to your pretty Wednesday Light It Blue outfit.

  8. Wonderful color and what a good cause.


  9. Oh you look lovely my dear Jane.
    I had no idea blue was the colour for autism.