Thursday, 1 May 2014

Pale Blue

My tan boots have been a saviour during these cooler spells.
Black boots seem a little heavy for May but the mercury is dipping yet again.
This pale blue knee length skirt is long enough to keep my legs covered and not have to wear tights.
Don't you just love transitional seasons? Not.

I wore:
Boots - Clarks
Skirt and Shirt - Tesc0


  1. Blue and tan is a lovely combination, you look so pretty. Been pouring with rain and cold here, so the boots are back on, along with tights! xxx

  2. Love those boots, mine definitely haven't been packed away yet! xxx

  3. Transitional seasons can be so confusing when it comes time to get dressed. Our weather can go from cold to hot to cold in one day. Like the blues.


  4. It is so hard knowing what to put on, I was in London on Wednesday and it felt like July - boiling hot! As I type this at 6pm on Friday I am desperate to put the heating on but am not allowed, bloody men!

  5. I love the pattern and the style of your skirt. A marvellous outfit!
    Some of my boot I never pack away, I might be cold in summer.
    Sabine xxx

  6. You can't beat tan boots - LOVE THEM

  7. Your boots are great, nothing beats a pair that go with anything! But more importantly, I absolutely love the skirt in your previous post and have to say, do you not age?! You've looked exactly the same since 2010 you lucky thing! x