Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

I went shopping at an outlet store called Cheshire Oaks with my children last weekend.
Was it worth it?
Well I got this blue jacket from Next for £16 which I am wearing with my daughter's necklace.
And that is all I got for me.
I got a shirt and polo shirt for my daughter and a polo shirt and cap for my son from Ralph Lauren for considerably cheaper than the usual stores.
But that was all.
I felt it was a huge disappointment.
The Gap store seemed to have gathered the unwanted items from every sale rail in the country and thrown them into the store.
But that wasn't as bad as the Kurt Geiger shop which looked as if it had swept up all the sale items from the storeroom and hurled them on the shelves. There were stained shoes with marked leather that should have been thrown in the bin.
A kitchen shop which claimed to be discounting had prices higher than my local hardware shop and the Lindt chocolate shop was pricier than any  of the supermarket bars.
The Elle Macpherson shop was tidy and had significant savings in lots of sizes but apart from that I was considerable underwhelmed.
But my son and daughter are happy.

What are your views on outlet stores?

I wore:
Old: Shoes - Clarks; Trousers - Gap
New (and Blue) : Jacket - Next 
Borrowed: Necklace - Zara

T-Shirt - Warehouse


  1. Love the jacket.

    I must admit I have never been hugely impressed either when I have gone, but at least you have had one bargain.

    X x

  2. The jacket is a lovely colour. I don't buy new so they don't do it for me. x

  3. Wow, your outlet stores sound like an exact duplicate of the ones near me. Tons of stuff in the gap I dont' want (even though I love gap) overpriced Lindt chocolate, did your kitchen shop at least offer free samples of food? I've never bought anything, but I always go into snack...
    Chic on the Cheap

  4. The outlet centre sounds pretty dreadful, I never go to any so I can't comment on the ones round here. The jacket is a pretty colour on you! xxx

  5. Nice jacket. LIke you and others I found the outlet stores disappointing. On top of that the two outlet malls I have visited seemed to be plunked down in vast soul less surroundings. I won't be going back.

  6. The closest one to me I have only visited twice, first about 6 years ago where I got Charlie a Ralph Puffer Jacket which was in our local designer store for £120 for just £20! I went again about two years ago and it was utter rubbish and I was left really disappointed x

  7. I tend to find and buy more things in regular stores, just on sale. Outlets usually dont fit my requirements.

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