Thursday, 29 May 2014


A chilly day for some chilling.
I am on half-term holiday with the children and we have just returned from a yummy and very filling lunch at our local Italian.
I will have to change that phrase soon as three of my four children are now over 16 and one is a full-time worker.
How did I get to be the mother of adults?
Yes, two of my children are now grown-ups.
I am feeling so old.
S.O. O.L.D.
But I guess as long as I am still paying the lunch bill I will still be needed.

I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Trousers - Gap
Top - Zara


  1. Looking great in your casual attire. I so know the feeling, my girlies are both grown up and I really don't fell old enough for grown up children. The scary thought is my eldest gets married next year!

    X x

  2. You're not old, Jane - I'm older than you, and I'm not old, so you can't be!
    Great casual look, and of course your kids will always need you, if only to foot the bill for lunch! xxx

  3. Don't worry, you look great!
    To go out for lunch with adult children is much more relaxed, isn't it? No disputes about the menu, no spots of spaghetti sauce.
    Sabine xxx

  4. I love the casual outfit! And - you look absolutely fabulous for an old lady :)

  5. I feel your pain honey but at least you look super stylish for your lunch x

  6. Love the stripes! And Moms will always be needed - for more than just picking up the tab!
    Chic on the Cheap

  7. Love this top - stripes are a winner! My kids are moving into teenagerdom and I am finding that scary - the mood swings oh my word!! For the record , you are not old! X

  8. You don't look it, looking good!


  9. Great look, I'll bet everyone at the lunch place thought you were just another one of the kids. Just FYI, they'll have you paying for lunch as long as they can. Ask me how I know, hahaha.


  10. I think your look is cool and simple.
    Whenever I visit, my mom also pays for my lunch, but I usually set a day for a special dinner and treat her. Its the least I can do.