Wednesday, 15 August 2012

What I Wore On Holiday - Part One

I am glad to report that I wore almost every single item I took on holiday.
There were only a couple of items I didn't wear - one bikini which didn't cover up my top half very well and the peach top which made me look square and the material was very scratchy.
I wore a couple of my favourite items twice but just swapped shoes and jewellery to make them different.
Here is a selection of my favourite outfits.
I will post the evening outfits tomorrow.

This was taken the first day we arrived. We went for a walk on the beach, had some lunch and then dived into the sea to cool off. This tankini was perfect.

The second day and a wander round the campsite. This loovely football pitch was perfect for the boys.

Not my favourite dress and it is a little loose but the belt managed to hold it together.

I wore this dress to death on holiday this year. It could be worn as a maxi skirt with a black vest too.

My Jasmine Guiness Swimsuit has a clever layered effect which means you can wear it as a top over the skirt.

Another day, another wear of my favourite red dress.


  1. You did well to wear nearly all of it. I hope you had a fantastic time!

  2. Looks like you did great for you vacation wardrobe :)

  3. Welcome back! You look lovely in all your outfits! x

  4. You're back! You're looking relaxed and chic in the pics. Hope you had a lovely time. xx

  5. Welcome home! I loved that post - great to see you wearing all your outfits...and so envious of the lovely sun! My favourites are that red strapless dress and the polka dot swimsuit...gorgeous! You really suit your reds Jane. Looking forward to part 2! Avril x

  6. Obviously great packing skills. All your outfits look fab. I tend to find I end up living in the same few outfits whilst away too.

    Hope you had a great time.

    X x