Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Bank Holiday Weekend Notes

Yet again we spent the August Bank Holiday in Swansea.

We stayed with family in Langland Bay, a beautiful bay at the start of the Gower peninsula.
Unlike last year when the sun shone, we had the typical four seasons in one weekend.
Saturday was a mix of sunshine and showers which was perfect for the England V Wales Cricket Match in which my 12-year-old son won the VIP (Very Important Player) trophy.

Ben practices cricket

Sunday was glorious, perfect for a cliff walk and a dip in the sea.

There was time to play football in the garden.

Time to enjoy breakfast by the beach.

Time to chill out with a good book (Jo Jo Moyes "Me Before You").

We even managed the only BBQ of the year!

Monday was wet and windy which didn't  make for great conditions for the World Roofball Championships.

Last year my husband won the Veteran's Shield but this year our family returned empty-handed.

I have been asked what roofball is and to be honest I am still working it out.The game was invented by my nephew's friend when as a child he started using his hand to 'bat' a tennis  ball onto a low roof at his home.

Gradually his friends joined in and now they are in their twenties and mostly living away from home the friends and their families meet on Bank Holiday Monday to play the game.
Unfortunately my nephew and his friends have included a rule which does not allow women to play.
But my very competitive sister in law, Jane, became "James" for the day and remarkably she was allowed to play.
The only girl allowed to play in the game's history.

The weather posed a challenge for my packing but I think I managed to pack the right mix of clothes to cover most events although I think I will be packing gloves just in case next year.

I packed:
Leopard Flats
Black Maxi Dress
Boden Gingham Shirt
White Zara Jumper
Denim Shirt
Striped Scarf
Zara Jeans


  1. Looks like a great weekend Jane! Loving the roofball tournament - a brilliant family tradition. You chose your outfits well - great capsule packing once again. Avril x

  2. Looks like a great Time ,cute photos :)

    kisses :)

  3. Some gorgeous pictures there especially on the good weather day. Hopefully you will never need gloves in August but you did well to pack for every weather condition!

  4. Looks like a great weekend!! Xx

  5. That picture of you and your man is gorgeous and you packed some great outfits. The weather's insane, packing for a festival weekend in the UK requires more changes of clothes than I take to India for a month! x
    PS Your poor son, that must have been a nightmare. x

  6. It looks to me like you had a fabulous weekend. I don't think I've ever "met" your husband before...and what a handsome man he is. Watch your sister-in-law become the best player of roofball there ever was.

    Of all your weekend looks, I like the second from the left the best.

  7. Your family may have returned empty handed where a trophy is concerned. But you came back with all the great memories!

  8. Looks like a fab weekend was had. Love your first picture and all your outfits look fantastic. Uk weather is such a pain to pack for.

    X x