Saturday, 18 August 2012

Browned Off

I am  browned off today.
It is a muggy Saturday.
Today was spent sorting out rooms and trips to the charity shop.
I decided to choose the charity shop where I get my best bargains.
It is not a national chain which means the prices are quite reasonable.
I chose the shop where I got a brand new Boden blouse for £4.95 and unworn Joe Brown's dress for £3.95.

How do you choose which charity shop you donate to?

I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Skirt - Hobbs
Vest - Top Shop
Necklace - Fossil


  1. What a sweet casual outfit, love the detail at the waist!
    To be honest I think all charities deserve donations (you never know what the future holds)so I take a bag to each of the local chazzas in rotation. x

  2. I like your casual outfit. I have always liked that kind of drawstring waist, but I am way to curvy to wear it....I look like a clown! You have the perfect figure to pull it off. You look adorable.

    I donate to each of them in no particular order. Generally, I donate to the one that is closet to whatever route I am taking that day.

  3. I must admit to a fondness for the local Sue Ryder charity shop, where the staff are lovely and friendly, and they have the best selection of secondhand books!

    You look lovely, by the way!

  4. Lovely combination of colours! When donating, I'm usually partial to Oxfam, Barnardos and Cancer Research UK. Oxfam because of all the poverty in the world, Barnardos because I believe that every child deserves a happy childhood (wouldn't the world be a much better place if they did?)and CR UK because we've lost too many near & dear ones to the horrid disease. I also love that Barnardos often write to me to tell me what my donations have earned them. Having said that, I'm never partial when BUYING FROM charities.

  5. I am really loving your skirt today. I think you chose a great top to go with it. Slenderizing on top goes perfect with the paperbag style skirt. Really cute!

    I tried selling my clothing through consignment shops but now I have to make an appointment to do it and I just don't get around to it anymore. Now I just throw my clothing into those donation bins in parking lots which go to charities here and there. It's much easier that way and I get to clean up the corner of my bedroom quicker. ;)

  6. Sometimes it is as simple as where I can park and if they are taking donations ( they turn us away sometimes here!) , but I had a lovely young friend, who had a 3 year old, pass away from breast cancer last year and since then I try to get to a cancer research one ... for her.

  7. ....Oh and to buy I travel to a little town near us which has an upmarket feel and the donations are great - some real bargains to be had there! X

  8. Your top is fantastic. It is super flattering on you. When I donate my things, I usually take them to the Goodwill. We don't have many charity shops around here.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. You look lovely, casual and cool. I don't think you ever look anything other than well put together, Jane!
    I have 5 charity shops in the shopping area near me, and donate to them all in somewhat random turn. I probably have a tendency to prefer our local hospice shop over the others but go to them all as a customer and for donations. xxxxx