Monday, 20 August 2012


My son, Sam, has a lovely girlfriend called Sophie and yesterday  was her 21st birthday celebrations.
The whole family was invited for an afternoon tea party which went on until later afteroon.
This was the first of many celebrations (her actual  birthday is Wednesday) and ends at the weekend when they will be going to Creamfields.
Although Sophie is a school year older than Sam he is just a few weeks younger as he will be 21 in September.
I haven't got a photo of them together for my blog as Sophie has had a major jaw operation this year and is not very confident in photographs.
She will be having a brace removed in time for Sam'sbirthday so I hope to share a picture of them with you soon.
As it was a showery day I decided to go for an Up Do, my favourite Poppy dress and a just in case mac.
As this is my favourite dress I have decided to use this post to take part in Patti of Not Dead Yet Style's Visible Monday link for the first time

I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Dress - Oasis
Mac - Marks & Spencer
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins


  1. Clarks?? I want those look fab!!

  2. One word - gorgeous!
    I shall be coming to you for advice in a few years when the girlfriend thing starts with my boys - have no idea how to handle that ! X

  3. Hi, I found you through Visible Monday, glad that you linked up to show us your beautiful dress and the fantastic shoes! And of course nothing is as useful as a beige trench coat. I will definitely come back!

  4. I wear Clarks shoes too. Don't you just love them? The trench topping the dress is perfect!

  5. I'm catching up here - enjoyed seeing all your vacation photos and the wonderful olympics dress. Of course I like the dress you are wearing today too.

    Will be watching for a future son/girlfriend photo.


  6. My friend has those Clarks' shoes in mustard, I love them. They're in the sale now and she's tempted with the grey pair as they're so comfy.
    Love the dress and you wear a trench coat well. xxx

  7. This dress wins every time - perfect!

  8. I adore the print on this dress - you look fantastic :)

  9. I can see why you love this dress - it's a beauty! And the Clarks are wonderful too - I haven't seen that design yet, but I am looking right now : > Thanks so much for joining up with Visible Monday, and please come back again!

  10. Perfect dress for a tea party. Very pretty look!

  11. Those Clarks are awesome! They must be comfy too. Your dress is a breath of fresh air today.

  12. I have always adored this dress on you, so pleased to see it again! I have a daughter off to Creamfields also, lets hope the weather stays nice x

  13. Oh I recognized the dress :) from you profile picture.
    You look beautiful Jane.

  14. It's a perfect and beautiful dress for an afternoon tea. I look forward to meeting Sophie.