Wednesday, 1 August 2012

How I Plan My Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

Tomorrow we are off to Barcelona.

The housesitters are in place to take care of the house and the dog and my bag is packed.

Over the past four years I have taken a notebook on holiday and written down a list of every item of clothing I have worn during the day and in the evening.

For example, I know that on August 19th 2008 I wore:

Day: Turquoise bikini , Tie-dyed cotton dress; Coral Birkenstocks
Evening: White Capris, Pink Top, Flip Flops

on Aug 19th 2009 I wore:

Day: Red Polka Dot Costume (Water Park) and White Skirt with red Birkenstocks.
Evening: White Dress and Tan Clarks Sandals

on Aug 19th 2010 I wore:

Day: Black & White Polka Dot Bikini, Matalan Beach dress, FitFlops
Eve: Paisley New Look Dress, Tan Clarks Wedge Sandals

on Aug 19th 2011 I wore:

Day: Pink Swimsuit, White H & M Shirt, Coral Birkenstocks
Eve: Brown short skirt, black vest, black flip flops

This has helped planning my holiday capsule enormously.

Since 2005 our holidays have been the same.
We have gone to a variety of Eurocamp campsites in France, Italy but mainly Spain.
This year we are trying out a new campsite.

Wherever we have holidayed in these campsites the routine is very similar.
I get up early and go for a run.
We have a leisurely breakfast as a family and spend the morning by the pool swimming and reading or  playing games in the water.
We have a long lunch together before venturing out to the beach around 3pm.
Around 7pm we return to our mobile home and get showered before eating which could be a barbecue or occasionally a meal out.
After eating we will go for a walk and a drink by the beach before coming back to our mobile home to play cards or read.
Often the children will go off and do their thing - play football, hang out with their new friends or the older teenagers will go to the campsite club.
Some days my husband and I will hire a bike and go for a ride or  on other days we will fit in a walk.
We usually venture out around the local area a few times too.
This year my eldest son will be staying at home to look after the dog but my mum will come with us.

All of this means I know exactly what my clothes will have to do for me.
I know I will need:

5 swimsuits

3 cover-ups

5 dresses

2 skirts and 3 tops

3 pairs of shoes

1 Sarong

I will also take:

My red Cath Kidston Book Bag.
Cream Crochet Bag.
My running kit.
Selection of underwear.
Assorted silver jewellery.

This year I will be taking:

1. Red and White Striped Tankini (Fig Leaves)
2. Jasmine Guiness Polka Dot Swimsuit (Very)
3. Black and White Polka Dot Bikini (Tesco)
4. Black and White Spotted Bikini (Matalan)
5. Blue and White Spot Bikini (Tesco)
6. Blue and White Striped Dress ( H and M)
7. Pink Dress (Marks and Spencer)
8. Black and White Dress (Matalan)
10. Blue Dress ( Mantaray)
11. Multi Dress (New Look)
12. Red and White Spot Dress (Primark)
13. White Dress (Joe Brown)
14. White Skirt (New Look)
15. Denim Skirt (Dorothy Perkins)
16. Silver Top ( H and M)
17. Blue Top (Dorothy Perkins)
18. Peach Top (Dorothy Perkins)
19. Red Birkenstocks
20. Tan Sandals (Boden)
21. Brown Flip Flops (Monsoon)
22. My 20-year-old sarong

Each year I rely on old holiday favourites and try and add a few new buys.
I have underlined my new buys.
Some of these items have travelled with me every year since 2005.
I love looking back at photographs and seeing my well travelled holiday wardrobe.

I will share some of my latest snaps with you when I return.

If you still have your holidays to come why not jot down what you wear and see how it helps you next year.

Adios for now.

Jane X


  1. That's a great idea - you are so organised. Looks like a fantastic capsule wardrobe that will certainly serve you well. No long boots or anoraks needed!! Hope you have a fabulous time, Avril x

  2. Beautifully organised - have a lovely time with the family . Enjoy some sunshine!! Xx

  3. My goodness me, Jane, you are a supermodel of effiency and organisation, I can't believe you note down all your holiday outfits! You are obviously a seasoned packer of a fine holiday wardrobe. Have a wonderful time, take lots of pics! xxx

  4. I'd say you are all set. Have a wonderful vacation and bring lots of pictures back for us.


  5. Lovely vacation wardrobe. I'm sure you will have a lovely time. l hope you take some time to go see Flamenco dancers! If you have never seen live Flamenco dance you are in for a breathtaking treat.

    Have fun; can't wait to see your pics when you return!

  6. Incredible planning - I love the diary idea!
    Hope you have a fantastic holiday - it will certainly be a very stylish one. x

  7. Have a great holiday hun. Fab idea to help with the packing.

    X x

  8. sounds like you've got a really lovely vacation planned!
    i love that almost all your swimsuits are polka dot. too cute.
    Chic on the Cheap

  9. I've been waiting for this, hoping to get my post up later! Have a great holiday, its gonna be so much fun! Love all the things you have chosen to take xx

  10. Wow you are so organised! I could do with learning something from this!

  11. Now that is a lesson in organization!! Have a fab trip :)