Friday, 24 August 2012

Enrolment Day

It was a busy day today as the college I work at enrolled around 800 students.
I needed to be smart but I was going to  be on my feet all day.
I decided to opt for me new Boden Loulou dress and favourite flats.

I picked up this M  and Co Mac from my local store the other day for £19.
It had been reduced from £59 and as a colourful mac was on my wishlist I couldn't resist.
I am off to Wales for the weekend to stay with family and watch my husband and sons play in the Roofball Championships.
Have you got any plans for the weekend?
Dress - Boden
Leggings - Lytesse
Shoes - Clarks
Mac - M & Co


  1. That mac's a lovely colour, does wonders for showing off that lovely tan!
    Plans? Pub, curry, Walsall's first Pride Festival, a mystery play, A mate's 40th birthday, a Skype chat with my buddy in the USA, a car boot if it's dry and carry on with the decorating! Have a great weekend! x

  2. Boden makes such great dresses, don't they? I was combing through their recent catalog and bent the corner of so many of them. They're so flattering and this one is just great on you!

    Have a restful weekend!

  3. You look very cute and comfy!

  4. Love that Mac on you, in fact I'd love it on me! Have a great weekend doll, I'm not up to much, weather is bound to be rubbish!

  5. Very smart but very comfortable, that's good!
    Child Free Weekend alert - only happens a couple of times a year, if we're lucky, so we make the most of it! It may involve alcohol... xxxxx

  6. Love that dress!!!! Soooo cute and stylish - I do like Boden things - usually out of my proce range though ;P Apart from when 70% sale is on of course :D

    Sal x

  7. This is a simple and classic look. I'm impressed that the college managed to enroll so many in one day. What exactly is roofball?

  8. Looks very smart and comfy. I imagine it was manic enrolling all of the students.

    X x

  9. That dress is so lovely on you! And I adore the flats :)

    Lots of love,

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  10. that coat is gorgeous, i love the color!
    good luck on your first day!
    Chic on the Cheap

  11. Great look, I love the dress! Boden is one of my favourite brands, their clothes are fabulous.

  12. great'll brighten up any dull day!!