Tuesday, 21 August 2012

New Hair Day

This first picture was taken after my trip to the hairdressers, while the second was taken before.
It is the hairstyle I aspire to achieve but usually fail miserably at.
Why does my hairdresser make it look so easy?

I made sure I went straight to Tesco's afterwards to get my new passport shots taken - I may as well get some value for money out of my hairdo!

This skirt has been in my wardrobe for ages but it doesn't seem to have been the right weather to wear it.
I wanted a warm dull day when I wasn't running around cleaning and tidying.
Today was a catch up day and I loved the way the wind whipped up the skirt.

It is a wraparound skirt with a tie waistband.
I remember my mum wearing one she had made like than in the 1970s.
I wore:
Shoes - Boden
Skirt - People Tree
Vest - Gap
Necklace - Wallis


  1. You look like a 1970s goddess! Hairdressers makes doing hair so easy, don't they? I suppose that's why they're professionals!
    Love that skirt! x

  2. Gorgeous day time look and I love that necklace x

  3. your hair looks lovely, funny, i never usually like the way hairdressers blowdry my hair!

  4. I remember a wrap around maxi skirt I had in elementary school. I think I was the only one who had one. It was white with purple flowers on it and my aunt had made it for me. I felt pretty classy in it but it got annoying when I missed the bus and had to walk 2 miles home!

    Yours is very pretty and feminine. And so is your hair!

  5. This skirt is so beautiful, I love it! And it seems to be such a versatile piece for so many occasions!

    xxx Anita

  6. Love your skirt, and your hair. I smiled at Vix's comment because I was thinking you look like a "now" version of Farrah Fawcett! xxxx

  7. she did do a great job, and i have no idea why it is so darn hard to duplicate! so annoying!

  8. I am sure that there is a secret way to get great hair that hairdressers don't share with normal human beings, because even I use the exact same products as the hairdresser claimed she used and is good for my hair, I am never able to get the same volume. You look great, both your new hair do and the skirt is lovely!

  9. You look lovely - you remind me of Susan Penhaligan in Bouquet of Barbed Wire (shown in the 70's) check it out you look a lot like her!

  10. Lovely hair! I know what you mean, though, we can never get the same results on our own!

  11. You look lovely but then again I think you always do. That skirt is a keeper.


  12. Beautiful hair hun. Isn't it frustrated that they make it seem so easy?

    X x