Monday, 12 August 2013

Vintage Inspired

Cork Wedges - Check
Brown Maxi Skirt - Check
Black gypsy top - Check
I remind myself of the glam teenagers that I envied as a schoolgirl in the early 1970s when wedges were but a distant dream for a pre-teen.
Pat and Carol had pageboy hairstyles, wore ribbons as chokers round their neck, maxi skirt, sky-high platforms, tiny tight vests and lots of lovely make-up.
They looked like the girls I read about in Jackie magazine.
Those objects of my envy must be heading towards their sixties by now.
I wonder what happened to them?
Wedges: Gap (2013)
Skirt: Gap (2012)
Top - Asos (2012)


  1. OO you loved Jackie mag too(great minds:-), Jane?!!!

    As a fan of Seventies fashion I'm lovin' this look on you(gorgeous:-)!


  2. Love this silhouette on you! You will have to look them up, I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to see where they are now.
    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Great look. I was an adult in the 70's not a teen but except for the ribbon around my neck, wore much the same. Probably my favorite fashion era.


  4. The best fashion era for sure. Love this look on you. x

  5. Yes, my eldest sister wore this look with aplomb in the 70s and I wear it now! You look great in it too!
    Just been catching up on all your holiday posts - what a great time you had, looking stylish the whole time, with your lovely family. xxxx