Sunday, 11 August 2013

Postcards from Spain: The Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

 According to a survey by Debenhams, women only wear a third of the clothes they take on holiday and on average take 150 items and wear around 50 during a fortnight break.
I know I only went for 12 nights but I packed 20 items (not including travel outfit) and wore 20 items after making a last minute swap of a swimsuit for my daughter's Top Shop dress.
I also bought a blue top in Zara.
Even if you included underwear which I washed daily it would still come in at under 25 items.

I wore the same sandals every evening and each dress twice.

During the day I wore a bikini and sarong or cover-up and the same Birenstocks sandals.

Another dress that doubled as an evening dress and cover-up.

The cover up dresses I took double up nicely for walks around the town, dressed up with a hat.

So good I wore this dress twice.

The denim skirt got three wears - with the pink top.

With the too tight top I had to tuck into my bra.

With the blue vest I bought at Zara.

 The black dress I swapped for my red swimsuit.

Joe Brown white dress, worn twice amazingly - although I did spill red wine on it the second time.

The skirt I wore to travel to the airport was worn with the orange vest during the holiday and as a return home outfit too.

For more information on my holiday capsule see here (although I did swap a swimsuit for a dress).

My holiday capsule formula:
5 dresses
2 cover-up dresses that can be worn on the beach or for sightseeing
1 sarong
4 swimsuits (bikinis and/or tankinis) that can be mixed and matched
Two skirts
3 tops
Flat Birkenstocks for day
Flat dressy sandals for evening or day out

1 multi-way bra
3 pants (make sure you can wash and dry undies daily)

Total items: 23

All of my items were packed in a carry-on suitcase although I did squeeze my toiletries into my husband's case!


  1. Who needs the kitchen sink when your organised?!!!

    Great post, Jane(lovin' the holiday capsule:-)!

  2. Fab capsule packing! Well done you x

  3. Great packing - and you wear dresses so well! Looks like you had a fabulous family time again.

  4. I love your Granny Square dress!

    1. Thanks Biba - I bought this dress in 2007 in the Next Sale for £10. It has been to Venice, Barcelona and the South of France.
      A well travelled "granny."

  5. You did a great job - i would have figured you had packed over 20 items because by looking at your outfits... they are all different !
    Lately i have noticed that i wear everything I pack, maybe one garment or 2 remain untouched...