Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A Welsh Weekend

The end of August and it must be time for a road trip to see the cousins.
When our children were small and we couldn't afford a foreign holiday our summers were spent on the beaches of Swansea and the Gower.
If it had been a hotel our accommodation would have been five star.
My husband's sister and her family live in a beautiful house overlooking Langland Bay.

This is the view from their dining table.

My sister in law is a big tennis fan and Ben got the chance to play a couple of games with her.

Meanwhile I enjoyed a lovely breakfast at the beachside Cafe.

At 13 Ben is the youngest and he can't keep still - here he is practising his swing.

Although it was a little chilly in the evening we still enjoyed a glass of vino on the decking.

Finally, it was time to go. I just love the way my sister in law's car matches my cardigan.

Now we are home all hell is set to break loose.
I am back at work tomorrow and we are preparing our 18-year-old for moving away to university.
How much easier (and cheaper) it was when our eldest lived at home while he studied.


  1. What a great view from your sister-in-law's house - I love Langland bay, well all the beaches I have been to on the Gower are gorgeous. Three Cliffs is stunning.
    Lovely red, white and blue theme to your outfits.
    Eek, now back to reality! Hope work and the move to uni go well. xxxx

  2. Ohh it looks lovely, I'd love to have a view like that. Lovely photos Jane, looks like you had a nice time.

  3. Such a beautiful view, how lovely to live somewhere like that! Looks like a stunning place to visit :-)

  4. Wow what a view, I wan't to go and stay with her too! Glad you had a fab time! Good luck with getting the son ready, I know how stressful this can be x

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time with your family! Must be great to have a house so near by the sea with such a wonderful view.
    I hope you can save some of these wonderful moments in your daily life.

  6. glad you had a good holiday, and I would totally make off with your SIL's car!
    Chic on the Cheap

  7. What a gorgeous view! We spent childhood summers in Wales up until 1976 when Mum wanted to remember Wales as a glorious place bathed in constant sunshine. Always good to match a car to your outfit, that's why I wear lots of orange when we're at a festival! x