Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Autumn/Winter Rules

I have spent some time looking through last autumn/winter's outfits to give me an idea of what to wear this season.
When I look back I cringe at some outfits where the colours and shapes did nothing for me.
But as always I prefer to move onwards and upwards.
I have picked out some of my favourite outfits which I think will give me some style rules.
And here are my magnificent seven.

1. Never wear black next to your face - if you want to wear a black top, make sure the neckline has a scoop of skin. 
2. Ideally wear a lighter shade next to your face either a scarf or necklace.
3. Grey and brown are a much better bet than black.
4. Make sure your skirts are knee length.
5. Black is for bottom half only.
6. Stripes always work.

Do you have any style rules for the coming season?


  1. It's good to learn from your mistakes, and aren't we lucky we've got the photos to remind us? Haha. I've learned that colored/printed tights are best left to little kids. Be extra careful with cropped things, and head to toe black is not for me.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Yours are great to copy and paste :) I hardly ever wear black anyway, though... I definitely agree with rule number 4 - that is a must for petite women, isn't it?

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  4. I always used to be scared of wearing stripes as I thought they would make me look bigger. But once I tried on a few striped items, I realised they are actually quite flattering.
    I want to wear more colours over the coming season as I do have a tendency to wear darker colours. :-)

  5. You always look lovely to me whatever you wear...It's your smile that makes the difference. All the best. A.xx

  6. Great tips from someone who shines!

  7. Love how you've done that montage - great idea. I see some favourites of mine on you and they have reminded me of some outfits I need to put together when the weather gets properly cooler. I shall be referring back to this post later in the season! Ax

  8. Your outfits are great, Jane. I don't go much for rules, but I think wearing outfits with confidence and a smile works wonders! xxx