Friday, 30 August 2013

Shopping With Mother

My daughter and I went for a shopping trip today in a bid to spruce up our A/W wardrobes.
And after much deliberations this is what I bought.

A Paul Costelloe jacket in TK Maxx reduced from £195 to £34.95.
Just what I was looking for - a heavyweight jacket that will keep me warm in winter and act as a mini coat in autumn.

A Top Shop blouse in ivory which was reduced from £38 to £30 .
I was looking for a top which would look good on its own and stand up to layering above and on top.
A heavyweight knit striped top that would stand alone and offer layering options.
A bargain at £16 from M and Co.

In a bid to steer away from black I opted for this soft knit from Gap in a light grey. It was £34.95 but I had a 20% off coupon.

I am hoping these buys will see me through the next two seasons and beyond.

I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Jeans - Gap
Top - Dorothy Perkins
Jacket - Primark
Bag - Clarks


  1. Nice purchases. My favorite is the soft grey sweater. I can picture it serving really well for the upcoming seasons.


  2. You were very sucessfull! Lovely things with many options to be worn. My favorite is the lace top. I look forward to see how you combine it.

  3. The ivory blouse it divine - it puts me un such a good mood to have a succesful shipping trip.
    Makes me feel like i won something even though i paid for it all -

  4. Lovely purchases - esp the blouse! I have something similar from Mint Velvet and it's a pleasure to wear. BTW, just bought one of those money boxes and have started saving my £2's and 20p's for my shopping fund...thanks for the idea! Ax