Tuesday, 13 August 2013

RIP Martha

Today I bid a final farewell to my Martha Top Shop jeans which I first acquired in April 2010.
A massive rip across the top of my thigh means it is RIP for Martha.

While a designer rip may look fabulous on a leggy teenager, showing half your (rather large) backside is not very becoming for a middle aged mum.

The year Martha came into my life was the most challenging year of my life.
She was the friend I turned to when I needed reassurance on the days it was a struggle to get dressed.
Martha accompanied me to countless university lectures during my PGCE year and provided comfort during the hours I visited my dying dad in hospital.

The other sad thing about Martha is that she is no longer for sale.
Top Shop, for some strange reason, have stopped selling the only jeans that have every fitted my short, chunky legs.

I am so reluctant to abandon Martha and would like to keep her in some form - any ideas for re-purposing a favourite brand of jeans with a huge rip at the top of the thigh?

I wore:
Shoes - Clarks
Jeans - Top Shop
Top - Boden


  1. Can you remake them into a skirt (albeit a patched one)? I used to do it as a student.
    There's 54 pairs on eBay today, I'm sure your size will be there! x

  2. Brilliant ideas Vix. I will give ebay a try and have a think about the skirt.

  3. It's quite amazing how garments become part of our lives... an become part of memories.
    Sorry to hear your Marthas haved died... then again it's an open door to finding a new pair of jeans to make new memories with. Have you tried jeans from GaP¿

    1. Hi Lorena,
      I love your optimisim. I do have two pairs of Gap jeans which I have dug out as replacements but nothing fitted me as well as the Martha jeans. I have started scouring eBay for some stragglers that may lurk in the back of someone else's wardrobe.

  4. Aw...it's always sad to give up great fitting jeans. But that gorgeous striped top makes up for it, no? Looks great on you Jane - I love mine too! x

    1. Thanks Avril. Just couldn't resist the sale bargain.

  5. Oh dear. I hate it when a long time favorite item bites the dust. Gook luck with eBay. If you happen to find not only one but two pair I'd say snap them up.


  6. Hi Jane. I just happened to read this a couple of weeks ago http://www.recycled-fashion.com/2013/07/fixing-holes-in-jeans.html - I hope it helps.
    Also have you tried the saved searches with eBay? I use it a lot. It means you don't need to frequently search eBay because they will send you an email when an item with your search terms, say "Top Shop Martha" is listed. Good luck!

  7. Thanks Jo. I will have a try at patching up the jeans and Vix - I found some on eBay. I just hope they are as good a fit as mine were.

  8. Losing your favorite garment really does feel like losing a dear friend. Hope you find a way to let Martha live on!
    Chic on the Cheap