Saturday, 31 August 2013

Thank You For The Music

 A last minute invite to an Abba Tribute night with my husband, son, his girlfriend and a party of 20.
What to wear?
No time to find blue lycra leggings and a beanie hat so I went for white and this new Boden dress I had  been saving for my Silver Wedding holiday to Mexico next February.
It was a great night - sometimes the best nights have been organised at the last minute and this was no exception.
Unusually for me I dance and danced all night.

"Supertrouper beams are gonna blind me." 

Sophie and Sam

Sam and his jaded mum.

Dad and his lad.

Sam still going strong at 1am.

I wore:

Dress - Boden
Sandals - TK Maxx
Bag - Gap


  1. It looks like you had a fab night! Can't beat an Abba tribute band. The dress looks gorgeous on you, I bet you can't wait to wear it again!

  2. Love the fact that this yummy mummy(this post proves this to be true) can still party and have fun with her lovely family too(you don't look old enough here)!

    Abba are great for a fun, party vibe for sure:-)


  3. Impromptu nights out are always the most fun! x

  4. I love this dress, it looks lovely. A perfect sparkly number for a night out. Looks like you had a great time. You are right, sometimes doing things on impulse works out well :-)

  5. I love the dress, you look beautiful! Must have been a wonderful evening (night & morning...:) )

  6. How cool that you went together to this tribute :)
    Sometimes kids dont want to hang out with their parents, which means you're probably a pretty cool mom :)

  7. I forgot to say how pretty you look"!