Friday, 7 December 2012



According to Wikipedia, authors Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz noted in their 2007 book Baby Name Bible that Ruby is a "vibrant" name with a "sassy and sultry image", while Laura Wattenberg wrote in her 2005 book The Baby Name Wizard: A Magical Method for Finding the Perfect Name For Your Baby that Ruby has the image of a woman "kicking up her heels" at a music hall.
I like the idea of kicking up my heels at a music hall especially in my faux biker boots.
If William and Kate are thinking of baby names for their future queen I quite like the idea of a future monarch kicking up  her heels at a musical hall.
Dress: Tesco
Cardigan: Matalan
Boots: Clarks
Necklace: Wallis


  1. Queen Ruby!
    It's a really popular name at my kids' school, there are loads of Rubies.
    You always look so good in red. xxx

  2. Red suits you :)
    and I continue to admire your Wallis necklace.
    Have a great weekend and happy mothers' day !
    (In Panama we celebrate tomorrow)-

  3. You look gorgeous in red, wear it to The Clothes Show and inject some colour and vitality into the greige masses! Have a fab weekend! xxx

  4. you have so wonderful dresses in your closet. ruby is is fantastic with shoes and without.
    have a great weekend!

  5. I love red. Be it shoes, dresses, coats, nail or lips. Even hair!

    X x

  6. Love that cardigan over that dress. Red looks so pretty on you.

  7. Love the color on is your color.
    I think you have chosen the most appropriate name for W and K's baby!!!