Sunday, 2 December 2012


Meet Debbie.

Plain talking and down to earth.
Solid and depdendable.
This study tunic dress I have named Debbiewill pretty much take anything you throw at it on a lazy Sunday morning.
Actually it wasn't such a lazy morning.
It was fairly busy as my husband has lost our car keys.
The only set of car keys.
He went out on Friday night with some old school friends.
Drove to the pub and left the car there.
It wasn't until Saturday morning when we were going to pick it up that he realised he had lost the keys.
Or should I say computer programmed whizzy thing that will cost us a couple of hundred pounds to replace.
While I enjoyed not being used as a taxi service by the kids, I wams't so impressed about humping great big  bags of shopping home.
Luckily my workplace is on a bus route!
Thank heavens for Debbie keeping me sane.
Dress: Tesco
Boots: Clarks
Snood - Dorothy Perkins


  1. Love Debbie! Hope the keys have turned up! Men!

  2. Debbie is adorable and I love your boots.

  3. Fab outfit, not so fab bloke! x

  4. Great basic, I'll bet you can accessorize it a lot of different ways. Too bad about those keys.


  5. Sorry about the key thingy! But Debbie looks like a very charming friend for the hectic Saturday, or any day : > Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday.

  6. How cute you named your dress :) I do not think i have ever done that.
    What a shame about the keys.... once I was at the car dealer and this guy came in telling me "guard your spare keys with your life..." happens he lost his and to replace them he had to order a se of keys to Germany (it was a VW) and the keys cost almost one thousand dollars!

  7. I'm glad someone else names their clothes/outfits! You look great. Shame about the car keys... Oops! xxx

  8. Don't get me started on men and loosing things! Hope they turn up for you.

    Loving Debbie too

    X x

  9. debbie is amazing and your brown boots too! i hope the key could be found again.

  10. So sorry to hear about your lost keys, with such annoying results! Keep the keys from now on! You look youthful and ready to take on what ever the world brings ... hope it's a better week for you.