Friday, 14 December 2012


Meet Loulou's older sister, Lucy.
Lucy was my daytime LBD for a good few years before Loulou was born.
I can't remember how much I paid but it was under £20 and this dress has served me well.
It is the perfect length and hugs in all the right places, it always makes me feel loved, if you can be by a dress!
Over halfway through Dressember and I am only slightly starting to crave skirts. Not pants though. Not at all.
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Boots - Clarks
Body and Dress - Marks and Spencer
Belt - Top Shop


  1. I really like that on you. Looks good cinched in with the belt. Very nice.

  2. Lucy looks like she might be LouLou's older, slightly naughty sister!

  3. Another great dress. For some reason imagine this would work well in the summer too.


  4. You've styled that dress beautiuflly with the tan belt and colourful beads. I'd be the same with a challenge and probably busting to get my bellbottoms on! x

  5. I love how you name your dresses !
    Your Dressember attitude is making me want to do a week or 2 of dresses in January.